10 study abroad scholarships you need to know about

10 Study Abroad Scholarships You Need to Know About

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If you have any doubts regarding studying abroad because of the high costs of getting foreign and ever foreign student payments, you’re not alone. The sheer amount of financing options available to help you may be unknown to you at this time. Learn about ten fantastic studies abroad scholarships that you may be eligible for by reading on.

  1. QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

This graduate school scholarship, worth More than 10,000 USD, is won to a student who proves the excellent educational ability and the possibilities to contribute meaningfully with their field. You could use it to help pay for education for a master’s or Ph.D. program anywhere in the world if you qualify.

2. The great wall scholarship program.

If you want to study abroad in China, the Great Wall Program could concern you, funded by the Chinese Education Ministry. Scholarship money for worldwide students and professionals from developing economies who want to study or carry out research in Asia provide through this program in its entirety. To apply, users must first speak with the National Council for UNESCO in their native country, at which point submit an application to your chosen Chinese university using the documents provided by UNESCO, and finally publish an online form.

3. The Clarendon Scholarship Program at the University of Oxford provides financial assistance to deserving students.

Each year, these same Clarendon Scholarships help finance prizes 140 highly coveted master’s degree scholarship is available. Each one includes the full-tuition scholarship from the University of Oxford. The above scholarship money is provided based on academic ability and seems open to students from all disciplines. Users will be officially considered for the scholarship if users submit a proposal for the course of study by the Jan closing date.

4. Westminster International Scholarship in its entirety

Students from many countries who want to study abroad at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom must be international applicants from developing countries offered a full-time place at the university. Check to see if your government is considering developing in this section. Applicants for these scholarships are chosen based on their academic achievement, financial needs, and development potential.

5. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship program

If you register for one of Erasmus Mundus’s joint master’s degrees, users may qualify for a scholarship to support their tuition and housing expenses. The program, which would usually last between one and a year only, would send you to at least two able to participate in selected universities in foreign countries. You can find more information and updates on the university’s website.

6. Adelaide Scholarship program for international students is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to deserving students.

International post-graduate students at the University of Adelaide in Australia can apply for scholarships covering their tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. The scholarship is available for master’s degrees and PhDs for a total of two years and three years, respectively, throughout the program. You must hold a degree equivalent to an Australian first-class honors degree or higher to be eligible. To apply, fill out an online application form.

7. The University of British Columbia has been awarded the International Leader of Tomorrow award winner.

The University in Canada awards bachelor’s scholarship money to international students based on their financial needs and academic ability. If you want to consider, you must have an outstanding academic record, not hold a past undergraduate degree, be an international student, and demonstrate financial need.

8. QS Leadership Scholarship

Won every year to a potential graduate student who proves powerful leadership capabilities and significantly contributes to a particular community or ends up causing this scholarship value at 10,000 us dollars. Is it possible that this is you? To find out, attend a QS World Grad Tour event and submit a brief essay to the organization.

9. Scholarship for Undergraduate Students at QS

This undergraduate scholarship, which was first offered in 2016, is worth US$10,000 and can be used to help pay for tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree at a university that appears in any of the QS rankings. A short essay explained how an inspirational person had impacted all applicants’ lives, and ambitions are required.

10. Foreign Student Scholarships through the Fulbright Program

Graduate students, young professionals, and artists pursuing studies or research in the United States benefit from these scholarships to study abroad in the United States. Admissions and entry requirements differ depending on origin and are all listed here. Select the country from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and wait for your browser to redirect you to the appropriate page for your selection.

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