Which is the national animal of Scotland?

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Scotland’s official national animal, the unicorn, is the unicorn. In addition, our adoration for this well-known mythological creature dates back hundreds of years.

Since the classical era, unicorns have appeared in various cultures, including the ancient Babylonians and the Indus civilization, to name a few. According to Celtic mythology, the unicorn, with its white horse-like body and a single spiraling horn, represents purity, innocence, and power. According to legend, because of the strength of their healing power, their horns can even purify poisoned water.

Anyone who has studied the history of the proud, untameable creatures will recognize that they are fiercely independent and notoriously difficult to capture or conquer. That will sound the same to everyone who has studied the history of these creatures in Scotland. Even though unicorns are mythical creatures, the Scots have always been drawn to what they represent.

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