Top 7 foreign scholarships for Indian students

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Foreign Scholarships for Indian Students

Receiving a scholarship as a student is a significant achievement, especially when coming from a different country. Many nations around the globe provide scholarships for Indian students based on various criteria. The majority of scholarship money is available for graduate and postgraduate programs, but many scholarships have been made available for undergraduate studies in recent years. The following list shows that all universities offer admission to every category.

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship

International students can now apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship 2021-22. The application is completed entirely online. On the college6 website, you will find detailed information about students’ progress toward receiving this scholarship for Indian and applying to China University of Political Science Graduate School Scholarships – 2018/2019 (SCH) by clicking the website. “The fact that more than two scholarships are available at a time makes it even harder when missing out,” stated one international graduate from USFSJE last week in his acceptance letter sent with the offer he received towards graduating postdoc next April 2022.

2. University of Sheffield’s Scholarship

The University of Sheffield provides international students with the opportunity to participate in global research projects. The scholarship program can last up to two years.

Students from under-represented groups are offered the opportunity of internships for summer and a chance at permanent employment during their studies, along with practical experience in working as teachers or members on teacher committees. Before applying for this scholarship program, you must have a master’s degree with a minimum score as per requirement.

3. University College Dublin Scholarship

The University College Dublin is Ireland’s top university, with over 30,000 students enrolled each year. This university provides exciting opportunities for studying abroad. Our international offerings include the Centre for International Studies (CIS), one of Ireland’s largest research institutions in human development; School For Students from Africa and Oceania. Indian students can apply for their abroad scholarship online, experience its vast culture, and receive excellent educational opportunities. 

The University of Melbourne welcomes applications for the International Postgraduate Scholarship program from Indian students interested in pursuing a full-time postgraduate program at their university. Engineering, Design, Business, Science, Law, and Humanities are among the courses covered by the scholarship.

5. Edinburgh Napier University Scholarship

The GREAT India Scholarships by Institute are a combined system between British Local authorities and UK universities to assist outstanding and bright kids from India in promoting their education in the UK and eventually becoming representatives of the UK for a developed education system In India. The award is given to selected students to reduce their total tuition fees.

6. Erasmus Mundus scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship aims to improve higher education quality by fostering collaboration between Europe and the rest of the world. The aim is clearly for a European university with an international reputation that can grow quickly within countries with insufficient financial support from governments in previous decades. That gives more excellent opportunity than ever before – as universities across Europe move closer together, which means more young people will want our knowledge about culture and history coming back home. The program provides funding to universities as well as scholarships to individuals. Scholarship amounts can differ depending on the level of study/teaching/research, the financing period, and the grantee’s nationality.

7. Rhodes Scholarships

Annually, 5 Scholarships for Indian students to study at the University of Oxford-based on their superior intelligence, personality, teamwork, and dedication. 

Undergraduates’ scholarship programs are also awarded fellowships for contributing to their professional development through working experiences at various international institutions. In addition, they will be encouraged by colleges like UNSW University under an early entry program called Aditya Bharti Abhiyan. Graduation awards do not limit you to one particular course –

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