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What exactly is mortgage servicing? What is the role of a mortgage servicer? Why did my lender select Shellpoint to service my loan? How to shellpoint mortgage login? How shellpoint mortgage payment login? How newrez shellpoint mortgage login? Is my loan owned by my mortgage servicer? Is it possible for me to select a different loan servicer? Discover the answers to all of your questions below!

What Exactly Is “Mortgage Servicing?”

Few people talk about mortgage servicing, and even fewer know much about it. From the perspective of a homeowner, a mortgage servicer is simply the company to which you send your mortgage payment. Your servicer may be the lender who originated your mortgage or the investor who owns your loan. However, lenders frequently choose to outsource mortgage servicing to a third-party company, such as Shellpoint. The most important part of our business is you. We want to provide the best service and support right from the start.

What Is The Role Of Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Login? Or Shellpoint Mortgage Login?

We manage your mortgage account and collect payments on it (usually made up of principal, interest, and escrow amounts). We then pay your property tax and home insurance bills (if your loan has an escrow account), and we send the principal and interest portion of your loan to the lender or investor who owns it. If you fall behind on your payments, we will work with you to avoid foreclosure and get you back on track.

Why Did My Lender Select Shellpoint To Service My Loan?

We service mortgages for some of the country’s most prestigious banks, mortgage companies, and real estate investment firms. One of the main reasons they entrust us with their mortgages is our reputation for providing outstanding mortgage servicing to homeowners. Our Customer Care representatives are committed to treating you with dignity, respect, and compassion.

You need minimum information needed for shellpoint login/creating user accounts. Learn Complete Up/Login Process Step By Step –

  1. Visit to
  2.  Then visit at register section and fill First Name, Last Name, User Name, Mobile No, Email ID. –
  3. You will receive confirmation email, you need to verify it.
  4. Go to edit settings and file information
  5. After registering, you need to go login option and fill login id or password. –

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