Link-Aadhaar With Voter List

Link Aadhaar with Voter List

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It is essential to link Aadhaar numbers to voter lists. Aadhaar is a government-issued document, and the voter list is a list of all citizens who are eligible to vote. The voter list is used to compile a list of qualified voters. Aadhaar numbers is linked to voter list numbers, so that if an eligible voter on the voter list is eligible for an aadhaar, he or she will be able to obtain his or her aadhaar number.

Rajkot Update News : Link-Aadhaar With Voter List

Aadhaar-related identification of voters was the most talked-about topic in the 2019 general elections. Besides that, the Union government recently announced that the Aadhaar card would be linked to the voter lists. And they are making it mandatory for voters to provide proof of identity in the form of their Aadhaar details in order to vote.

In addition, the Union Government claims that such action is necessary. Because it  will help in the cleaning up of the electoral rolls by sorting out duplicate entries and fake voters, as well as making the electoral process more trustworthy and secure. By rajkot update news : link-aadhaar with voter list, it appears that voter profiling is based on age, region, religion, and other factors are possible.

Because of the current insufficiency of data protection rules, the party in power may be able to access, misuse, or modify the data. As a result, Voter identification will also open the door to data weaponization, which will be disastrous for democratic processes.

Moreover, the procedure for attaching an Aadhaar card to a Voter ID is very simple. It can be completed using any of the numerous ways available, including the internet, SMS, phone call, or by visiting a booth-level agent. However, it raises a tough set of problems that must be carefully considered. As changes to the Electoral Laws are certain to have a significant impact on how the Indian Democracy functions.

Voter Profiling 

This has led to widespread concerns about the possible misuse of such information and the extent to which the identity of an individual is protected by the law. The government, in turn, has come out in defence of the move, arguing that the purpose of the electoral roll is to ensure that only eligible voters are allowed to vote and that the use of Aadhaar would help in eliminating fake voting and identity fraud.

Privacy Violation 

The central government said it has launched Aadhaar-voter ID linking and it will be mandatory to link-aadhaar with the voter list to vote in any election. The decision to make the linking mandatory came after the Supreme Court questioned the government’s power to exempt anyone from the requirement. The move has been met with widespread criticism, with critics claiming that it violates citizens’ privacy. The government has insisted that the linking is voluntary, but critics have pointed out that by declaring it required, it essentially makes it mandatory.

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