How to Make Silai Machine

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In this video, you will learn that how to make silai machine at you home. This silai machine video is made only the purpose of entertainment. Its is not approved by technically by govt. So, You must try for the purpose of make silai machine for fun only. Thankyou.

How to Make Silai Machine

Instrument :

  1. Needle
  2. needle clamp screw
  3. bobbine
  4. wooden box
  5. plastic board
  6. steel sheet

Benefits of Mini Sewing Machine :

  1. Mini or Portable Sewing Machine
  2. Forward and reverse sewing .
  3. Automatic thread rewind .
  4. very easy .
  5. anywhere traveling .
  6. Easy to stitch for beginners .
  7. Perfect for simple or smaller tasks .

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