How To Activate Google Voice Typing

Learn : How To Activate Google Voice Typing

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How To Activate Google Voice Typing

  • Step 1

Open the Play Store and look at the image titled Android google play. This software has a colourful ‘Play’ triangle as its icon.

  • Step 2

In the search bar, type google board. That looks for the Google Keyboard app.

  • Step 3

You should select and install. That’s the green button to the right of the Gboard software logo. That will install Gboard.

  • Step 4

For how to activate google voice typing After installing Gboard, open it by trying to tap “Open” in the Play Store or by trying to tap the Gboard logo on your main screen or applications drawer. That launches the Gboard set-up wizard, which guides you through the steps of initiating Gboard in your App device’s settings menu.

  • Step 5

In the Settings menu, select Enable. The Gboard install app has the blue click just below the “Step 1” slide. That brings up your phone’s “Language & Input” settings.

  • Step 6

Tap the Select Input Method button. On the Gboard set-up app, that’s the blue button just under the “Step 2” flip. That causes a pop-up to appear, asking you to choose which on-screen keypad you want to use and you can find how to enable google voice typing.

  • Step 7

Tap the directional button to the right of “Gboard.” Gboard will be set as your fallback on-screen keyboard due to this setting.

  • Step 8

To the right of “Gboard,” press the directional button. Gboard would be set as your default on-screen keyboard as an outcome of this setting.

  • Step 9

Allow should be selected. That gives Gboard access to your contacts.

  • Step 10

Done should be selected. It’s the blue tab to the right of the “Move 4” slide. That completes the how to activate voice typing in the Google keyboard configuration process.

  • Step 11

Once you complete the set-up process, tap Voice typing to add language skills to Gboard. Then, tap Languages, pick the languages you want to add, and finally, tap Save.

  • Step 12

Tap anywhere on the screen that you can write text. Gboard it seems as on keyboard after it has been installed and configured. Gboard is used instead of the fallback on-screen keyboard to start typing on the screen.

  • Step 13 

To use the microphone, tap the Android7mic.png icon. It’s located in the upper bottom right of on Gboard keypad. A text with “Converse Now” and “Paying attention” appears above Gboard.

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